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Barcode Labels for Inventory


Simplifying BarCode labeling


Any screen in Mainsaver that asks for a stock number may utilize a barcode scan to quickly enter the stock number. Stock labels may be printed within the Mainsaver Barcode module or externally through report writers or even via a spreadsheet.

Methods to Print Barcode Labels:
Hint: When printing the bar code, the first and last character must be a ‘*’ in order to scan properly. Use the Excel CONCATENATE function to add the asterisk to the stock number or similar function in other programs. (=CONCATENATE("*",A1,"*")) The Mainsaver Barcode module does this automatically.

Option 1 – Use the Mainsaver Barcode functionality to print various barcode label formats. Mainsaver supports many printer formats such as the Dymo and various Avery labels.

Option 2 – Export the data from Mainsaver, then use a Microsoft Office product such as Excel to format the label with the stock number, description, part number and other pertinent data. Avery provides free Wizard software for Microsoft office products to create labels. Barcode fonts are available from Mainsaver Customer Support via the download site.

Option 3 – Use a report writer such as Infomaker or Crystal Reports to create the labels direct from the Mainsaver database.

Special Notes: Avery offers inkjet magnet sheets which allow users to print a full sheet of barcode labels and then trim them to adhere to steel shelving. The magnetic label may be moved easily when the shelf location changes and brought to the scanner location when needed. For scanning, there are many corded USB and Bluetooth capable barcode scanners that will scan within any Windows application such as Mainsaver.


Having each stock item labeled at the shelf provides a uniform, organized look to the stockroom. The ability to scan makes transactions such as a stock issue more efficient.

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.