Tech Tips

Easy Work Order Assignment


Provide an easy way to facilitate paperless workflow. The ‘Assign To’ field is available on work orders to associate a work order with one employee. This column can also be pre-assigned to an asset or a PM master record. Event notification may be used to email the ‘Assign To’ person on work order NEW or EDIT


  • Step 1 – In the Personnel module check the ‘Assign To’ box for appropriate employees.
  • Step 2 – As applicable, pre-assign assets or PM’s using the ‘Assign To’ column.
  • Step 3 – The ‘Assign To’ may also be selected on corrective and PM work orders on the detail tab.
  • Step 4 – Create queries for each employee to display their open assigned work orders and set as default query.


Users will be able to find the work assigned to them quickly to review, edit, complete or close.

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