Tech Tips

Mainsaver Security Review


Make sure that users have the appropriate permission levels to perform their required functions in Mainsaver and protect data integrity within the Mainsaver database.


The Mainsaver System Administrator will maintain users, user groups, application security and other security functionality in Mainsaver.

  • 1. Personnel Module
    •  Set employee status to ‘TER’ if employee is no longer employed.
    •  Ensure that PO and PR approval limits reflect corporate policy.
  • 2. System Administration – Reports
    •  Run ‘Login ID and Groups’ to ensure that EVERY LOGIN ID IS A MEMBER of a group. If a login ID is not a member of a group it will have all permissions.
    •  Run ‘Application Security by User Group’ report to list each permission in detail.
  • 3. System Administration – Users Employee Profiles
    •  Ensure that only Administrators have the ‘Administrator’ checkbox
    •  Delete login IDs no longer employed.
    •  Each login should be related to an employee record.
  • 4. System Administration – Application Security
    •  Remove Main Menu options on the General Category
    •  Turn off ‘Add on the Fly’ permission as this will let users add new fields into drop down lists such as cost centers and accounts.
    •  Remove all Work Request functionality if work requests are not used to remove the menu buttons.
    •  Remove Global Query capabilities on General Category.
    •  Check each security module for new features that may have been added at the last Mainsaver upgrade.
  • 5. System Administration – Column Configuration and Security
    •  Allows administrator to make fields invisible or write protected on data entry/edit forms.
  • 6. System Administration – Application Switches
    •  Review defaults and switches such as ‘Allow to Edit a Closed WO’.


Data will be protected and in the case of a financial audit, Mainsaver permissions will reflect the business rules of the organization.

Only Administrators should have the checkbox

Indicates users not in any group

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.