Tech Tips

Renaming Utility


Over time, key fields in Mainsaver may have been entered incorrectly or do not adhere to current standards. The Renaming Utility allows Mainsaver Administrators to rename an incorrect asset number, stock number, cost center, account, supplier ID, employee ID, PO number, PM Group or Login ID and all history will remain with the renamed record.


From System Administration>Maintenance>Renaming Utility. Choose the record type to rename. In some cases such as cost center, one cost center can be consolidated into an existing cost center.


The Mainsaver renaming utility provides a way to correct key fields that violate a standard pattern while retaining history.

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.