Tech Tips

The Life and Times of Work Order C100123


Yes, the carpet in room 123 indeed does need replacing. We can track this work order from the epic journey from a young work request, to a fully closed work order. The notes in this tech topic will illustrate how to customize the work order number and report on the work order progress.


Automatic Number Counters and Prefixes

The work order number is a combination of a prefix and a counter. These may be reset at any time, however the prefix and counter combination may not be used twice. >System Administration>> Settings>>> Automatic Number Counters and Prefixes .

User defined counters and prefixes

Email Notifications

There are 8 triggers that can initiate an email at certain points in the life-cycle of the work order.

1. Approval of the work request into a work order
2. Creation of a new work order
3. Edit of a work order
4. Work Order Completion
5. Work Order Close
6. Work Order Scheduled
7. Work Order Past Due (Requires Optional Mainsaver API)
8. PM Work Order Generated

>System Administration >> Settings >>> Event Notifications

Event Notifications may be tailored based on user defined criteria

Status Notifications

One additional notification function is to send an email when a work order is changed to a certain status code. In this case the email will always go back to the originator however additional recipients may be copied in. >System Administration >> Settings >>> Status >>>> Master List >>>>> Work Order  

If a work order is set to Awaiting Parts the originator will be notified

Status Change Journal

Each time a work order goes through a status change, an audit trail record is created showing the timestamp and login ID. This data may be accessed through the Status Change Journal report. >Maintenance Module >> Reports >>> Status Change Journal

Press ‘Define Query’ or use a pre-defined query

Run any query to target work orders – click OK then OK again on the selection screen

Durations, Timestamps and Login IDs are displayed



The benefit is better communication to stakeholders of the work order process and improved reporting.

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.