Tech Tips

Set Default Open Work Order View in Mainsaver Connect


Rather than searching through hundreds of open work orders it is more efficient to have the open work order view default to the records the user needs to see. Mainsaver Connect provides several filtering tools to immediately bring the user to the records they need to see.


1. Set Preferences to Show Work Queue

For current user, set start screen as the work queue. (Only need to do this once) Mainsaver Connect will automatically display all open work orders including those in CMP status. This may be refined in further steps.

2. Set Work Order Queue to Display Assigned Work

a. There are several Predefined Filters in dropdown lists. Select ‘Assigned Work Orders’ if work orders are assigned.
b. Further refine columns by sorting and adding filters. Click the small dropdown arrow.

To view work orders assigned to current user  

3. To set current view as the default view

Click the New Filter button to save the filter.

Make the filter Personal and the Default filter as applicable. Click ‘Create’ when ready.

User may limit the view to one asset, work area, cost center, etc. with a filter in the example below using ‘Lyon’.



The user will be quickly directed to their work with the option of looking at other work orders as needed.

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.