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QR Scan offers Myriad of CMMS Functions


The Maintenance technician was called by radio to investigate a problem on a coolant pump in a steel mill. He knows the previous shift mechanic has recently worked on this pump a few times in the past weeks but does not know exactly what was done. How does the tech quickly asset the problem and determine what was done in the past? Further, how does the technician identify any required spare parts and if those parts are in stock?


Mainsaver Connect 12.8.100 provides a ‘Scan Option’ menu that allows users with a tablet or phone to perform the following CMMS functions by performing a scan of an asset number or work order number QR code. This scan may be done with the integrated device phone or a connected scanner;

1- Create a new corrective work order to address a current issue. Once the work order is created the maintenance technician can also complete or close the work order, record time and issue parts.
2- Create Work Request – In some cases, the Mainsaver Connect user is restricted to create work request. Once the request is created, appropriate personnel may approve the request into a work order.
3- View Pending Work – Allows user to look up all open work orders on the scanned asset, research work orders and complete/close work orders as applicable.
4- Work Order History – Allows user to see all past work orders, determine who did the work and assess the parts used on previous repairs. User can filter history to look for specific failure patterns or keywords such as ‘leak’ or ‘pressure’.
5- Spare Parts – Mainsaver allows parts in the stockroom to be associated with the asset based on the manufacturer and model number. This function will limit the parts list to those already associated with the current asset and will save time to find the right part.
6- Issue Stock Item – If parts are obtained from the stockroom, the user can issue the parts immediately even using a barcode scan.

Scan Menu Options

Work Order History by Scanned Asset

Producing QR Code Labels The QR Code must contain either the asset number and/or work order number in a specific format as defined below in order to be camera readable.

The two formats are;

1. {“assetno”:”X35”} – this is for Asset QR Code label for asset number ‘X35’

2. {“WO“: “C100501”,”assetno”:”X35”} – This is for work order ‘C100501’ on asset ‘X35’

QR codes may be produced on various free websites ( or using local software such as BarTender 2016. There are also companies that will print specifically designed QR code labels on ruggedized media that could last many years in difficult environments.

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.