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PM Generation and Past Due Notification


How and when to use the Mainsaver Incident Module


Preventive Maintenance work is the first step in moving from a reactive based maintenance philosophy to a proactive based culture. Optimally, PM tasks are tied to run time or condition monitoring however in some situations, calendar based PMs are the primary catalyst to inspect equipment, determine needed repairs and replace parts as needed. There are 3 methods of PM generation in Mainsaver and a few ways to monitor if the work is being done on time.

PM Generation Methodology:

a. PMs are manually generated in the Module. User may generate 1 or several PM’s from the table view by highlighting and pressing the generate button. Alternatively, the use may select the option to generation all PM’s currently due. This would include active PMs where the asset is not in a status such as DEA where PMs are set to not generate and the following conditions are met; • Open Loop and the next create date <= today’s date • Closed loop PMs with no current work order and next create date <= today’s date • Meter based PMs where the asset meter has reached the next level for the PM

The incident module is accessed under the Maintenance main menu and Incident Sub-menu. Input values can be seen in the screen shots below.

Multiple PMs highlighted to generate using the control-left mouse click

Generation option to generate ALL PMs ready to generate.

b. Automatic PM Generation. Mainsaver has an optional module to execute PM generation as a scheduled task on a server. This removes the human intervention for PM work order generation. (Will generate routes as well) The scheduled task may be set to run at any interval such as daily or weekly.

Auto Generation option allows printing paper work orders either on a work group printer or a default printer on the server

c. PM Generation when updating meter readings. In the Asset Module, users may manually enter meter readings or they may imported from a CSV format file. If an asset meter has reached a point where a meter based PM is ready to generate the user will be prompted to generate PM work orders..

Manual input of updated meter reading

Prompt to generate PM work orders when meter level has been reached

Monitor Open PM Work Orders: Once the PM work order is generated, there are 2 important dates; the due date of the PM and the ‘exception date’. The exception date is computed at the time of generation by adding the ‘Over Due Days’ to the due date. The ‘Over Due Days’ is set in System Admin, Application Switches, PM tab. The user may query for PM work orders that are either past or approaching the due date and are still open.

Over Due Days set to 7

Exception date may be displayed in table view or used in a query

Perform a query to find all past due PM work orders. Once the query runs you may use the reports to print out a listing of the work orders. The button would allow the user to email selected work orders to other Mainsaver users.

Query to find open PM work orders due within 3 days into the future

Query to find open PM work orders due prior to today

Mainsaver has an optional email notification module that resides on a server and sends emails for open work orders past due or early warning when the work order is approaching its due date. The email notification can be sent automatically to one person or a group of people. Each event can specify the number of days before the due date (negative), on the due date (zero) or after the due date (positive). One email is sent for each open work order meeting the criteria for the ‘Days Past Due’.

Notification event to be sent 5 days prior to due date for open PMs.

Notification email

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.