External Uses of Mainsaver Data


Years’ worth of valuable data exists in the Mainsaver database. How can users export or use this data for further analytics and reporting?  There are several methods available to access Mainsaver data.


Option 1 – Export from Mainsaver table view.  In any module, after performing a query, use the EXPORT command from the FILE menu.  This will export all data fields in the table view for the records selected.  The most typical format is Excel.  Note that the export to pdf format would require that Ghostscript software is installed where Mainsaver is running:

Hint: The next screen will offer an option for column headings.

Option 2 – Export from a Mainsaver report will limit the data exported to the data used in the report.  When choosing pdf format, Ghostscript software must be installed for the pdf to be created properly.

Option 3 – Another easy way to export a Mainsaver report to a pdf file is to use a free third party pdf creator such as Cutepdf, Primopdf or purchase Adobe Acrobat to create pdf files.

Option 4 – 3rd Party report writers such as Infomaker or Crystal Reports allow users to create custom reports.  The Mainsaver System Reference Manual is available on the Customer Support portal and contains Mainsaver table and field references.

Option 5 – For users running the Mainsaver Connect module, selected data columns can easily be exported to Excel or pdf format.     

 Mainsaver Connect export utility

Option 6 – From within Excel, on the Data tab, users can import data from a SQL Server database in order to perform analysis and reporting.

Connection Information

Resulting data may be sorted and filtered


Users can send data to other employees who have a need but do not use Mainsaver.  Excel or other tools may be used for graphs or reports.

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