Verify Order Point Items


When an item reaches order point, many times the current on-hand quantity in Mainsaver is incorrect. Users need an easy way to see all of the items indicating re-order and verify before actually approving the items for re-order.


Step 1 – Setup the following query in the parts master:

Hint: In order to ‘grab’ the mtpm.order_pt column drag it from the Column List on the left and drop it into the Field Name/Value area.

Step 2 – Save the query for future use.
Step 3 – Use the List – Material Item Catalog – Detail report to get a listing of the items including the stocking location.
Step 4 – Verify the quantities. Make any adjustments necessary using an ISSUE or RECEIPT transaction or if permitted, EDIT.
Step 5 – Run the Order Point review again and approve as necessary.


Order point will be more reliable and the inventory will be more accurate.

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